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2010 Interns

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Hey everyone my name is Nate and God has blessed me with the chance to come down to Grand Bahama to minister with Karazim Ministries. My friend Peter and I are so excited to be here with Raoul and Karen, working with them to extend God’s kingdom. At our church back home we were able to go through a 16 week training program called S.M.I. which stands for student missionary internship. After our training we head out to rural and impoverished towns throughout the Sierra Nevadas and put on vacation bible schools for the children in the community for one week. After our week in California we came straight down to Freeport, Grand Bahama to work, evangelize, and be used in whatever way God wills. We got to the island on Monday evening June 28. We met up with a team from Boone, North Carolina on Tuesday and got right to work. We worked together to help repair a damaged portion of the Lucaya Feed Center. We made forms to pour concrete into, and also repaired some railing in the front of the center. During the day it was pretty hot and humid but after a few days you get used to it. Overall this last week was a great success after pouring the concrete and moving some soil around for a new garden at Raoul and Karen’s house. We can tell that God is at work here in the Bahamas and hopefully in the near future there will be a unification of the churches that will lead to a great revival. God Bless! -Nate

Hey thisĀ is Peter and this trip has been amazing. It all started when my church Palmcroft Baptist Church held a missions conference and my family housed Joaquin Vargas, the Vice Pres. of Latino and Caribean Ministries. I had mentioned that Nate and I wanted to go on a summer, short term missions trip and his answer was “well why not the Bahamas?” Well one thing led to another and now I am writing a blog from the island of the Grand Bahama. We came with the mentality of helping out in any way Raoul needs and this trip has been filled with work and I’m sure we will work quite a bit more during the following weeks. Although it’s been humid and hot it has been an absolute joy to work for Raoul and allow him to carry on with his many other ministry obligations. Not only has this trip been good because of the work we have done but we have had some amazing personal devotion and Bible reading times. I can really feel God working in huge ways through Raoul and I am excited to see even more! -Peter

Anticipating the arrival of Raoul and Karen at the airport. Nate on left...Peter on right

Playing dominos on Wednesday night.

Lucaya Feed Center after cement repair.


3 Responses to “2010 Interns”
  1. Alyssa Howard says:

    Hey guys, I’m so proud of both of you and the huge impact you are having on the world. I cannot wait to see how God has changed your lives for the better. Everyone here is awaiting your arrival home, eager to hear all of the wonderful news. You are missed, but I know you are working God’s plan. I love you both!


  2. Chris Angell says:

    I love you boys. It sounds like you have been doing some great work. I can’t wait to hear how God has grown you through this experience when you get back.

  3. Neal & Debbie Bowman says:

    Hey we saw some pictures of you guys tonight that Amanda Harper tagged you in on Facebook — looked like maybe the group from the 1st week you were there. It was fun to see you!! We miss you a TON and pray for you all the time. Stay strong to the end!

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