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2010 Interns II

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Wow! What a great last few weeks! Peter and I worked with Tyrone at the Chart House during our second week on the island. We cleaned out the garage at the center and put everything in its place. We also cleaned out the storage room so everything is much more organized around the Chart House. Then this last week we spent our time working with an AMAZING team from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We painted the inside of the Chart House and it looks much better. We got to know the team very well and saying goodbye to them was hard and we will miss them very much but they are a wonderful group of people. God is doing some great things in the village as well. We had a refugee from Haiti respond to the gospel and we were able to follow up the next day to give him a Bible. God is so good! I am learning so much about the community and their needs. God has his own timing and he will provide everything that is needed to rebuild, feed, clothe, and provide for the villages. We may want it to be done right now but we must fully rely on God and not but our wants in front of his will and timing. I miss my family but God will bring us back together soon. Amazing week!

Just as Nate said, these last few weeks have been amazing. We have done a lot of work but knowing that it is allowing Raoul and Karen to do their job better, makes it all better. Like Raoul always says, “We are leaving our fingerprints in the ministry.” As we have been able to see and be a part of more and more of the ministry, it has been awesome to see the many ways God works through Raoul and Karen! We only have a week left and I am really looking forward to seeing what God will do! Like Nate said we really got close to the team that we had this last week and saying goodbye was hard but they left a very good impression on us and will be fondly remembered.

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