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2012 Interns

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Hey Everyone! We are the 2012 interns. Our names are Carrie Johnston and Tina Burke. We’re from the Philadelphia area, and we are about to be seniors in high school. For the past two years we have been coming here with our church, Woodside Presbyterian Church, for a week. This year we decided to come for the month because we were both finally old enough to intern. Both of us have such a passion for this island and its people. We look forward to sharing our experience with you!


July 11, 2012

So we have been here almost two weeks now and Raoul finally remembered the password so that we could start this blog, so typical! We are having such an amazing time here. This week we are in what Raoul and Karen call the “integration” stage of our internship. Last week we were in the introduction stage. We learned that an important part of what Raoul and Karen do here is serve those who are serving others. It was hard at first because we weren’t out in the village with the teams, but after seeing what the teams were able to accomplish we realized how important it was for us to serve those missionaries. During integration, we join in with the missionary group that is here this week. They are from Titusville Church in New Jersey. We worked with them last year, so we were thrilled to hear that we would get to spend an entire week with them. It is so awesome down here.

Today we hosted VBS at Heavenly View Ministries. It was actually a lot of fun and Carrie learned she is a lot better with kids than she thought. Tina worked with the dance team and taught them some of her moves. We danced, sung, did crafts, and of course ate! It was awesome to see these kids playing and laughing. After we finished with VBS, we went back to the farm to finish the well that we worked on yesterday. It looks awesome now, but it took a lot of manual labor! The group from Titusville went down into the well and got out all the rocks and cement that had fallen in. By doing that they made it possible for the water to flow freely! Mike, another missionary, arrived yesterday and is here to help Raoul with the farming ministry. These guys have amazing plans for this farm! After the well was clean, we went back to the Chart House to eat dinner. Tonight, as part of integration, we get to spend the night in the hotel, opposed to the mission house, and tag along with the devotionals and activities that Titusville does. We had a beach service and got time to just relax with God and enjoy his presence. We sang and worshiped and praised him! Then, to close out the night we went for a swim in the hotel pool, which is so nice, and then played bananagrams, we still remain the champions! Interns rule!

God is so good!


July 16, 2012

So the internet has been down for a couple days now because of a storm, but we are at the hotel now that Woodside has arrived! We are so excited to start the work week. Over the past couple of day a lot has happened… On Friday we enjoyed a “God in Nature Day”. It was overcast, so we didn’t think that sunscreen was a huge necessity. So now Carrie has a mild case of sun poising and Tina is uncomfortable. Then on Saturday we said goodbye to our Titusville friends but then we got to see Woodside! Everyone got settled in and we are now moved in to the hotel for the week. It’s a bit of a change but we are enjoying it a lot! So excited, as always! We are both starting to discover our passions and our purpose. We love it here!

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