Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Board of Directors

Barry Cartier

Barry has been a Christian 50 years after accepting Christ at age 14. He went on to marry MarciaO’Neill and has been married 45 years. He and Marcia have two sons a daughter and four grandchildren. Barry worked 32 years in Law Enforcement. After retiring he stared and operated a private investigation business. He closed his office in 2003, however still continues to do a few investigations. After closing the investigations office Barry started volunteering his time for Christian service. He started and continues to head up a program that assist elderly, widows and single moms with minor house hold needs and repairs. Barry and Marcia are very involved in their church. Marcia as a Bible study leader and prayer leader of their Adult Fellowship group Barry has held several positions in the Churches he has attended. He currently is on the Missions Team and the Short Term Missions Team at Whitier Area Community Church (WACC) in Whittier California Barry has been involved in several short term missions trips in Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and the Bahamas Barry has been involved in the Bahamas since 2003. Barry loves to minister to others and show the love of God through service and sharing His Word.


Terry Williams

Terry is a committed soldier for Christ. Passionate about missions and reaching people for God using evangelism and the social gospel. He is the father of 2 children; Evan 20 and Brooke 13. Terry is self-employed with a background in heavy equipment and all phases of construction and re-modeling work. ” He met Raoul and Karen Armbrister about 7 years ago. Terry heard Raoul speaking on a local Christian radio station in Florida, contacted him and set up a meeting. Four of us went on the first trip to check things out, and WOW.. did things check out. We went back that summer with our church’s youth group. Approximately 40 youth and adults conducting Vacation Bible School and roofing on a church building donated as a community center.” Terry was selected by the church’s missions Pastor to be on his team and has also been to Jamaica and Turkey on mission trips. “Terry is  excited about God’s plans for his future, which he believes will involve KARAZIM Ministries on a full time basis.”

David Witworth

David is a minister in the United Methodist Church.  He is currently working on his PhD in Missiology at Cliff College and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.  David’s focus is the research and development of a theology of discipleship – what it means for Christians to participate in the mission of God.  David has a deep love of God and a heart for God’s people. He holds a special place in his heart for the people of the Caribbean and considers it a blessing and privilege to be working with Karazim Ministries.  David believes that Karazim’s emphases upon nurturing holistic mission spirituality as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ serves as a light to the nations while inspiring hope in the hearts of God’s children for a brighter tomorrow. David and his wife Tammy are the proud parents of two girls.