Saturday, August 17, 2019

Rev. Dr. Raoul and Rev Karen Armbrister

In an effort to answer the call of God, Raoul and Karen stepped out in faith and established a ministry designed totarget two objectives:

  1. Give relief to those in need on the tourist island of Grand Bahama
  2. Grant volunteers a sense of purpose through donating time and resources to the ministry.

After leaving highly successful careers, they used their corporate skills and professional influence to properly manage a ministry that is based in Scripture, built on character, and operated with integrity.

Raoul and Karen Armbrister live on the island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas. With a population of approximately 56,000, people in Grand Bahama face daily struggles such as economic hardship, natural disasters and the usual setbacks of a third world nation.

Because of the social and cultural structure of the country, a large percentage of the male population continues to face the inability to properly provide for their family, which distorts their view of manhood. This results in verbal and physical abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, incest and overall deadbeat dads.

Thus, the women in this society struggle to raise children, support the household, and fight abuse; which results in male emasculation, authority struggles, and outright physical war in some cases. (While this is not the assessment of 100% of the island, over 60 percent falls into this category and can in many ways fit one or all of these descriptions.)

Over the past six years, these missionaries have worked with families to bring about phenomenal changes. They have worked with young girls to prevent teenage pregnancy and young men to restructure their views on family life. They have taken a new and exciting approach to changing the face of a nation by changing the heart of its people.

The Armbristers use many programs to minister to the spiritual, social and physical needs of the people.