Monday, September 16, 2019

Ministry Information


“Changing the face of a nation by changing the heart of its people”

Karazim Ministries: there are over 15 on-island projects in the works on Grand Bahama.  All of these ministries fall under the name KARAZIM which is a partnership between Karen (Ka), Raoul (r), and the Alpha and Omega (az) in the image of God (im). The Armbristers later discovered that the word Karazim has the Greek meaning of Spirit. The presence of the Spirit within this organization is evident through the godly change of the people on the island, which makes Karazim a perfect name for the ministry.

The Chart House Feeding Center

Feeding the poor is the heart of our ministry. We also work to encourage those in need through education and economic empowerment. The Chart House Feeding Center houses many aspects of our ministry and it is a key element in continuing God’s work.

The Chart House is the facility for: Daily Feedings, after School Programs, Metamorphosis, Boat Building, Wood Work training, Sewing Center, Cottage industry craft, Food and Clothing Distribution, Garden and farming research,Seminars, Services and various Classes 

T he Chart House also hosts three annual events. The Feeding of the 5,000 occurs around Thanksgiving and enables every hungry person on the island to go to bed with a full stomach. The Free Family Fun Fair allows children to play games and receive essential materials before the school year starts. Each child leaves with a backpack that includes school supplies and a Bible. The Feasts of Tabernacles a pre curser to Worship Week where we celebrate Christ and His return as a complete body. The kingdom community principle is experiences at its best. Finally the Chart Host plays part host to the annual Worship Week. During this week worship leaders and choirs lead in different places on the island each night. The week concludes with a large worship gathering to draw the whole island together bring praise to the Lord.

With the ministries in The Chart house, we aim to restore a sense of pride and respect that can change a man, woman, child and eventually our community. 


Food and Clothing distribution

Through donations from churches, corporations  and individuals in the United States we distribute raw food to those who have a place to cook, those who do not have such amenities food is cooked and served hot through home delivery and pick up from the centr. Clothing, linens, towels and household goods are also distributed as they are available.


This christian based program challenges young women to a life of sexual purity, etiquette, leadership and team building concepts ,integrity and confidence, in the godly image they were purposed to reflect. The program teaches young men, chivalry and important leadership skills to improve their family life and their motivation to become a more diligent worker. They are developed over a year long period as we disciple and teach with a view to enhancing their world view. 

 Boat Building and Commercial Fishing Training

We refurbish, repair and build boats then donate them to families that fish for a living. Because the hurricanes of recent years have destroyed so many boats, many men are not able to earn a living as before. We work with short term missionaries to replace skiffs and donate them to these individuals giving them back a familiar method of earning a living. Individuals wishing to learn the trade of commercial fishing are taught how to harvest the bounty of the ocean, preservation of the ecology, maintenance of the equipment and small business skills.

Cottage industry

The cottage industry training consists of sewing, beading, jewelry making, woodwork and ceramics.  All items made that meet industry standard and quality are sold to tourists and bring income to people who would otherwise not have such income.

Gods Gardens

This ministry teaches people how to grow food right in the immediate area of the backyard. There is always some spacethat is available to grow food. We teach and install above ground gardens, germinate seeds and donate the plants to the recipients. This teaches self preservation, provides nutrition and ghenerates income where possible. We are also developing a nine acre farm that will reflect this program on a much larger scale. In addition to training there will be employment through a farmers market and continuous building towards independence for participants.

Short Term Missions

Persons are invited to come and share in a week long service experience as short term missionaries. All gifts and skills are matched to a need on the island resulting in all participants being blessed.  Those that come receive so much fulfillment helping those that are in need.  God has a way of showing up every time in every group and blessing everyone in a special way:  repairing roofs, painting, rebuilding and refurbishing homes, churches and civic buildings, gardening, teaching classes, computer training, vacation Bible school and evangelism.  No gift goes unused!

The ministry’s motto is to help people develop from a point of dependence to independence. Therefore a major part of the ministry focuses on teaching and training individuals academically and vocationally. Empowering men and women through skill development and entrepreneurial programs, their self esteem and pride is positively effected.