Bodies are still being found in the Bahamas more than a week after Hurricane Dorian hit Grand Bahama Island and the Abaco Islands.  50 have been announced as dead, with over 2500 still missing.  The heartbreak of the people is palpable.

The UN reports that on Grand Bahama, where Karazim Ministries are headquartered, “Satellite data suggests that 76-100 per cent of buildings analyzed near High Rock (central Grand Bahama) and McLeans Town and Deep Water Cay (eastern Grand Bahama) have been destroyed.”

Karazim Ministries is dedicated to serving those affected by Hurricane Dorian.  There are so many people displaced because of the devastation that we are first trying to meet the most basic needs of food, water and shelter. There is no city water at present.

For some we provide a hot meal, others fuel for a generator. Some a comforting word, and with some, we can only cry together. But through it all we serve with joy and in every situation share the gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

In the face of such devastation, the primary need at this time is for financial donations (link).

After these most basic needs are met, we can then begin to repair, refurbish and replace. We will need hands and bodies to come and assist with rebuilding. We will let you know when the time comes.

There is no way currently to process the donation of goods.  There are logistical issues, fuel cost, warehousing and sometimes personnel costs to get the donations from point A all the way into the hands of those who really need it.  At this time, financial donations will do the most good.

We do not want to miss the opportunity for the church to have spiritual impact, while coming to the aid of those in need. Whether it be Christians or non-Christians, we have the opportunity to show the world and mostly the victims of Hurricane Dorian that God’s love is great. As God works through you and me, the body of Christ, the world will see the love of Christ and be reminded of the cross. The greatest love of all.

Praise God for the many victories and blessings experienced in the storm. Thank Him for small and great blessings during and now after the hurricane. Pray for the families that lost loved ones and pray for strength for the people of the Bahamas, as they face the road to recovery.