Saturday, August 17, 2019

God’s Faithfulness

Karazim Ministries operate on the gifts and donations from God’s people all over the world. We have been blessed with amazing people who see a specific need of the ministry and then commit to meet it. We have specific needs and many on-going needs to help continue the many projects that flow out of Karazim. We hope that you will seek God in how you can help us through giving. Whether it is a specific, on-going, or even monetary need, we ensure that your gift will be used in the way that you specify. Check us out at to view an updated version of our needs list and connect with us to start giving!

Our needs God has already provided:
– Dishwasher
– Fridge
– Freezer
– Vending Cooler
– Stainless Steel Tables/ Shelves
– Pots and Pans
– Stoves
– Deep Fryers
– Buffet warmers
– Pop Corn Popper
– Tiles for bathroom and meeting room
– Bathroom Stalls
– Windows
-6 commercial toilet bowls
-3 commercial urinals
-4 face basins