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The Metamorphosis Finishing School is the first established institute of its kind in the Bahamas. It is a stepping-stone for young boys and girls who wish to leave a positive imprint on society while entering their practical lives.

Metamorphosis hopes to expose and enhance the God-given talents and gifts of each individual, while unfolding the open-ended potential reservoirs of their minds and hearts, enabling them to project their dreams into reality. For a school of this caliber, it is not enough to just facilitate the learning process — rather, the aim is to develop a sophisticated taste for it!

So many of our youth suffer from rape, incest, abuse, addiction and molestation, due to ignorance and victimization from their poor environment. Because of this, Karazim Ministries’ vision is to repair broken lives and build renewed futures for our less fortunate youth.

Renewal of Young Minds

We strive to bring about transformation by the renewing of their minds; building self-esteem, teaching morals, values and standards, educating youth in social graces, teaching table and social etiquette and heightening awareness and bringing about a desire for sexual purity.

Need for Sponsorship

As the girls and boys attend workshops, seminars and counseling to rebuild their lives, we need help with sponsorship for them, and resources such as hygiene, make-up kits and lunch. The program costs thirty dollars ($30.00) per student per session. Since many of the students who truly thrive in the program cannot fund the opportunity themselves, we ask that you will pray about supporting a child through their course schedule.

Craft made by Metamorphosis students

Metamorphosis Camp-4

Metamorphosis Camp-5

Metamorphosis Camp-6

Metamorphosis Camp-7

Metamorphosis field Lunch

Metamorphosis field trip at BCB

Metamorphosis field trip BCB 1

Metamorphosis field trip Lunch

Metamorphosis field trip

Metamorphosis girls Field trip



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