Monday, September 16, 2019


In carrying out its mission, Karazim Ministries is committed to true Christian morality represented by the following values in which we believe:

We will continually strive to serve those in need with compassion and impartiality. We will be intentionally compassionate

We will convey trust and respect by always acting honestly and responsibly towards those we partner with and those we serve. We will intentionally practice integrity.

We will be accountable to those who support us through the efficient use of resources entrusted to us. We will strive to be mindful that our mission is accomplished through the generosity of others. We will intentionally be good stewards.

We will commit to provide excellent service through professionalism and perseverance and Christian charity. We will change as necessary to address the needs of those we serve. We will continue to work toward justice and be a voice for those who are impoverished, hungry and in need. We will intentionally be dedicated to our God given purpose.