Monday, September 16, 2019

Boat Building




How we meet them and how we empower them is reflected in the above photos.

The boat building ministry is an important addition to the community of Grand Bahama. Fishing on the island is a means of survival for many families. The hurricanes, over the past two years destroyed many boats, causing men to lose the ability to support their families. We work with short-term missionaries to build skiffs and donate them to these individuals. The fishermen desire to catch lobster and a native food called conch, which in turn means they must travel 5-10 miles offshore to fish. A motor for the boat will be given to the families to assist their fishing, but they must work to pay the loan back, which teaches financial responsibility.

We have added refurbishing and restoring fiberglass boats. This helps us to teach and empower individuals in the areas of marine painting, mechanics and fiberglassing. Groups and individuals volunteering to teach and participate in this program can see projects to completion and the cost per boat is much less as we are purchasing hulls to repair.


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