Saturday, August 17, 2019

Fishing Ministry

Commercial Fishing Project

The times we now are experiencing in Grand Bahama call for us to look to our natural resources for dependable employment and a sustainable income that depends on more than tourism. Diversity with a view to demand and supply points us in the direction of commercial fishing.

 With over one hundred thousand square miles of Bahamian ocean the possibility of harvesting food for human consumption is a primary choice for the ministry in its quest to help develop financial independence and ongoing employment for citizens of the Bahamas. Our endeavor is to develop trained individuals who will participate in a group supply initiative that will provide sea food locally and internationally. Each individual will participate in a training program onboard a ministry training vessel before being assisted with owning their own fishing craft. We are in the process of getting approval from the department of immigration for an American missionary who will teach and train new methods of harvesting scale and shell fish in theoretical and practical form.

 Training will also be provided as follows:

  • Commercial fishing – Theory
  • International fisheries laws
  • Proper boat operations and maintenance
  • Work ethics
  •  Fishing for the future (protecting the ecology)