Saturday, August 17, 2019

God’s Garden





God has given us a vision to help the people of the island by developing a means for feeding themselves by growing food on the island. Realizing that all food and supplies are imported to the island, confirms the reason for the high cost. Vegetables and fruit shipped via refrigerated containers make them so expensive that the average family cannot afford them.

We need your help to develop  gardens that will supply such items free and/or so inexpensive, all families will be able to aford or grow them.

Karazim ministries has 18 acres of land of which 9 acres are dedicated to developing a farm that will grow fruit and vegetables. The produce will be sold to local hotels and restaurants also given to members of the village who participate in the growing process.

Our aim is to effect a balanced nutrition and economic empowerment to the less fortunate of Grand Bahama. Above ground gardens in each settlement, at various homes and a small farm when completed will deffinitely make a difference in many lives.  Following the completion of the ground preparation we will also grow various forms of protien. Help us make this vision a reality.