Saturday, August 17, 2019

Roni’s House

Roni’s House is on the way to be a very influential tool for ministry.  This house will be the residence of a wood-work shop which we are in need of assistance to complete. This shop will be used to teach boat building as well as carpentry, a wooden handy craft. The boats that are built will be donated to responsible men, enabling them to take care of their families by fishing and catching lobster. Scotia Bank has agreed to work with us to lend money for an engine so that the boat owners can properly support their families.  This will also teach financial responsibility in respect of paying back the loan.

Roni’s House will also be the home of the sewing and handicraft ministry, teaching the skills of sewing, knitting, crocheting, and jewelry making and straw work. This ministry will add purpose to women’s lives while creating income. There are two apartments being fashioned on the top floor of the house which will be used to house missionaries that come to assist Karazim. The apartments will be furnished with a full kitchen, bathroom, closet and bedroom.

The Roni Walker House is named after one of our faithful short term missionaries who passed away soon before she planned to return to the island. We hope to honor her as this building honor’s God in its purpose.