Monday, September 16, 2019


The question, when can we come is always asked when ever we speak at a church, conference or seminar and the answer is alwys the same. You can come year round. Because we are located just fifty six miles from the United States access to the island is easy by ship or airplane. Accomodations are always available and our weather is tropical.

The Karazim Ministry team will work with you to plan and organize a mission trip that is spicifically suited to your team. We connect your ministry gifts to the ministry needs on the island anytime of the year.  We have several annual events that you can plan to attend or choose a time for your team to encounter the ultimate missions experience.

Annual events:

Worship Week – Third week in March

Easter Family Outreach – Easter week

Feast of Tabernacles – Last week in September

Feeding of the Five Thousand – Thanksgiving

Christmas Luncheon 2nd week in December