Saturday, August 17, 2019

Short Term Missions

We welcome groups, families and individuals year round.

Many people call Grand Bahama Island paradise. But we desire to show mission teams that there are two faces of our paradise. Just beyond the beautiful Bahamian beaches and tourist destinations lie many small villages in great need. This makes Grand Bahama a unique place to serve God. Our island is home to many who are less fortunate, who fall through the cracks of society. Our goals comprise solutions to the problem, not just treating the symptoms and covering the true nature of social and spiritual ills. Our ministries include opportunities that contribute to changing the very heart and face of the Bahamian nation.

Karazim invites you to share your gifts and talents in our ministry. Bring any vocation with confidence that you can help meet a need on the island. Come join us and experience the mighty work that God is doing in Grand Bahama. No matter what your vocation, we have a special place to use you in serving God on Grand Bahama Island.

We invite teams, families and volunteers to come year round and help teach, train, build, remodel and refurbish lives and surroundings. We need teams to come lead vacation bible school, evangelistic outreach, sports camps, computer training and construction.

1. Trips Include
– 2 Nights Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale
– Ground Transportation (Ft. Lauderdale)
– Round Trip on Bahamas Fast Ferry
– Pick-up & Drop-off/harbor or airport
– 5 Nights at Hotel/Grand Bahama
– Daily Transportation
– 3 Meals Daily
– Tax, tariffs and service charges

Call for cost and more information

2. Typical Schedule
Sail in on Discovery Cruise Line
Pick up and check in
5pm – Food, fellowship & orientation @ The Chart House Feeding Center
Return to Hotel
8am – Breakfast at hotel
9am – Bus departs for mission sites and projects – VBS, computer training, construction etc.
12:30pm – 1:00pm  – Brown bag lunch delivered
Continue projects
4:30pm – Picked up from site, transported to The Chart House for dinner
After dinner – downtime and group devotions and regroup (Raoul can meet with groups to help with questions)
Curfew set by Group Leader
Breakfast and Lunch: same as Monday
9:00am – Continue projects
4pm – Go to hotel/shower and change
5pm – The Chart House for dinner
6:30pm – Visit Port Lucaya
8:30pm – Back to hotel/Downtime and devotion
Curfew set by Group Leader
Breakfast and Lunch: same as Monday
9:00 – Continue projects
4pm – The Chart House for dinner
then to hotel for shower and change
7:30pm Church if desired (options for various churches to visit)
Typical evening at hotel
Breakfast and Lunch: same as Monday
9:00 – Continue projects
4:30pm – 5pm -Transported to The Chart House for dinner
5:30pm – Dinner and Grand Bahama celebration service, including testimonies from the week, worship and communion
8am Breakfast
Free time (snorkeling, relax at hotel, shopping etc.) can be pre-arranged
2:30pm – Bus takes group to ship or plane (time differs)

Schedule is flexible for specialized missions including music, medical, women or men’s seminar’s, arts and craft and specialized construction skills)